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Xiao Junxian (1865-1949)
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Xiao Junxian (1865-1949), also known as Zhiquan or Tiefu, was born in Hengyang, Hunan province. He started to learn painting from Monk Cangya and Shen Yongsun. Later he developed his own style by assimilating the styles of various painters of the Song and Yuan dynasties. He taught painting in various schools, including the National Beiping Art College (now the Central Academy of Fine Arts). Many famous painters, like Chen Shizeng (1876-1923), Lu Fengzi (1886-1959), Jiang Danshu (1885-1962), Zhang Shanzi (1882-1940), and Shi Nanchi (1909-2003) were his students. He lived in Shanghai in his old age. He is most known for his landscape painting, but he also painted flowers, vegetables, fruits and especially plum blossoms and orchids.