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Annysa Ng
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Painted Album by Nishi Seiun (1881-1963) is a duel-sided folding album titled Yoshin (Spritual Cultivation 養神), mounted with 100 tanzaku-form (poem paper) colorful sketches in ink and color on paper, painted in the style of the artist Qi Baishi, consisting mainly of flowers, poems, birds and landscapes of China, including Choko (The Yangtze River), spring wind, a radish and red peppers, lotus flowers and a fisherman on a boat, all signed Nishi Seiun 西晴雲 / Shanhai Nishi Seiun 上海西晴雲 / Shanhai Hekiso Nishi Seiun 上海碧荘西晴雲 except for one, all with a seal Seiun 晴雲, majority signed with a second seal Tozan 東山; with brocade-covered outer cover.