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Shao Yixuan (1886-1954)
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Exhibited and illustrated: Shao Yixuan and The Beijing Salon II, New York: China 2000 Fine Art, 2006, and published in the exhibition catalogue, plate 12b.

Calligraphy by Yunfu:
Sounding like hard axes striking randomly on iron, the mountains embody the energy of racing horses. Splendor is perceived from bitterness - rugged mountains appear in dark brown.
Flourishing the pen to paint the world, lowering my head, I notice that there are few peers. Almost three hundred years since (Shitao) has passed away. In a trance, I seem to meet Xia Zun Zhe (Shitao's courtesy name).
[It implies Shao Yixuan's painting recalls the manner of Shitao]
Signed: Yunfu
Seal: Yunfu