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Cultural Revolution II
During the Cultural Revolution, people strived to show their loyalty to Mao Zedong. Some utilized their creative passion to illustrate Mao as a great world leader. On February 1967, the People's Daily published a propaganda painting titled "Chairman Mao is a red sun to the revolutionary people of the world", depicting "rebels" of various races holding the Little Red Book standing together under the radiance of Mao's headshot. It was well received.

This painting "People of the World are Liberated" was created with that theme. The people in China at that time thought most people around the world lived in poor conditions under the iron heel of capitalism. Additionally, Mao Zedong repeatedly issued statements in support of the fight against racial discrimination toward African Americans, first in 1963, and then on April 16, 1968 after the famous American civil rights leader Martin Luther King was assassinated. In this painting, people of different races, some holding rifles, bravely march forward against the background of a painted red sun.